Overlay Crochet

Overlay Crochet is a new technique, one that has its roots in Aran and cable crochet. When worked with a combination of strict attention and joyful abandon, Overlay allows artists and crafters who are unwilling to pry their fingers from around their hooks to achieve effects not otherwise easily achieved in the crochet medium -- effects reminiscent of certain bargellos or embroideries or, on a really good day, the refracted glories one glimpses through a kaleidoscope's lenses.

Overlay came about slowly as the result of my on-again-off-again attempts to translate into crochet certain visual effects: the jewel-toned radiance of stained glass windows; the detailed intricacies of Buddhist sand mandalas; the densely textured vibrancy of certain Mexican embroideries; the exquisite, repetitive symmetry of Islamic mosaics and tiles. Over the course of some fifteen years, thanks in part to a series of fortuitous stitching accidents and errors, I have gradually fumbled my way towards a look that has begun to seem promising.

My hope is that you will enjoy working with this technique as much as I do; that you will create effects and applications of color as yet undreamed of by my overworked muses. I feel sure that, together, we will take Overlay Crochet much farther into the realm of visual possibilities than any one of us ever could on her own.

For copies of specific Overlay Crochet patterns, or to purchase Overlay jewelry, contact me directly by email. For information on scheduling Overlay workshops for your crochet group, or for attending already-scheduled conferences and workshops, visit the visit the Classes page.